André Stern (official website)

André Stern is a musician, music composer, guitar maker, author and journalist. He is married and father of two children.
André Stern never went to school. He is the son of Arno Stern, an educationalist and researcher, whose work is based on the respect of spontaneous disposition of the human being.
André Stern has written about his unschooled life, and about his experience as a father, in two best-sellers, available in German, published by Editions Zabert Sandmann: "… Und ich war nie in der Schule", 2009 (now in its 6th edition) and "Mein Vater, mein Freund", 2011, co-written by Arno Stern (see extended biography and publications)
He is also Head of the Institut Arno Stern (Arno Stern Institute) and is one of the protagonists in the film "Alphabet" by Erwin Wagenhofer (Fall 2013).

You can find information on his activities, as well as details about his involvement on this official website.

"Children are natural learners, yet so many of them tire of learning as they go through school. One reason is that the rituals of education don't resonate with the rhythms of their curiosity. André Stern is the embodiment of natural learning and achievement. A renowned artist, educator and loving parent, he shows how all children can flourish when we understand more deeply both how they learn and why and provide the best conditions for their growth and development."

– Sir Ken Robinson